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namelessnobody's Journal

26 April 1974
Being a nameless nobody, there's not much to tell. I'm a neurotic, a Nietzschean, a physicist, a bibliophile and a pretty nice guy once you get to know me. I spend most of my free time reading, listening to music or watching movies, but if I can afford it, I travel whenever possible (that's when I feel most alive). I know lots of people but don't count many as friends--I value friendship too much to do that!
Hmmm...maybe I'll add more later, but this is all I can think of right at the moment...
a clockwork orange, a.m. burrage, absurdism, adventures, akira kurosawa, albert camus, alexandre dumas, alfred hitchcock, amadeus, annie hall, arthur schopenhauer, arvo pärt, backpacking, billy wilder, bob dylan, books, buster keaton, canada, cary grant, casablanca, charles bukowski, charles dickens, charles laughton, charlie chaplin, classic film, conversation, creativity, crossword puzzles, darkness, edgar allan poe, edvard munch, edward g. robinson, english literature, etymology, europe, european history, existentialism, expressionism, frank capra, franz kafka, friedrich nietzsche, fritz lang, fyodor dostoyevsky, george gissing, germany, ghost stories, giacomo leopardi, gilmore girls, gothic literature, graveyard poets, gustave flaubert, h.p. lovecraft, harold and maude, harold lloyd, henry james, hieronymus bosch, humphrey bogart, imagination, impressionism, ingmar bergman, insanity, intellect, ireland, jack lemmon, jack london, james cagney, jean-paul sartre, jerome k. jerome, jigsaw puzzles, jim morrison, jimmy stewart, johann wolfgang von goethe, john steinbeck, jules verne, katharine hepburn, language, libertarianism, literature, m. r. james, mark twain, marquis de sade, mountains, movies, myrna loy, nikolay gogol, novels, oed, ottawa, passion, peter lorre, philology, philosophy, physics, pieter brueghel, plato, politically incorrect, quantum mechanics, realism, roman polanski, romanticism, shirley jackson, silent movies, simon & garfunkel, snowstorms, spencer tracy, spontaneity, stanley kubrick, surrealism, søren kierkegaard, teaching, the beatles, the graduate, the rolling stones, the thin man, theodore dreiser, thomas hardy, travelling, used bookstores, victor hugo, victorian literature, voltaire, wilkie collins, william powell, william shakespeare, winter, wolfgang mozart, woody allen, world literature