James (namelessnobody) wrote,

Morning thoughts

Today I am going to spend my time rubbing grease on a ring and trying to keep a gauge from jumping from 55 to 80. My entire morning will likely be taken up stabbing rock with a pin to see how thin a slice I can cleave from it. Honestly. The entire morning. And you wonder why I have so much trouble updating with anything interesting these days! But aside from the extremely dry and repetitive nature of the work, I have to admit that, as unlikely as it seems, what I'm doing is real science. The only thing holding it back from being satisfying (well, aside from the incessant obstacles and my supervisor browbeating me over things I can't prevent) is the fact that I'm still so ignorant of the field as compared to everyone else out there. It seems everyone publishing these days, everyone with an SFA (the equipment I use) is doing wonderfully new and innovate things, adopting techniques that will prove theories I've never heard of, while I sit around and spend my time getting things to work. I have little time to actually read, absorb the material and consider how I might make an impact. It's not nearly as overwhelming a situation as when I was working in NMR--that has to be the largest and most top heavy field (in terms of brainpower) out there--but I'm still feeling enormously inadequate.
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