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I am downright cranky today. It was a busy weekend (didn't even have time to eat lunch until after 8:00 last night), and last night was far too hot to get any real sleeping done (and when we finally did, a thunder storm swept through and woke us up several times over the span of a couple of hours) which had me debating whether or not to call in sick this morning. Of course, being spineless and straight-laced, I didn't. So instead of taking a Personal Day today, I will go to work and whine until everyone else wishes they had. That is my plan.

I am a geek. For those of you who don't know this (and how could you not?), I'm an avid D&D player (avid, not obsessed, although at times Anne might beg to differ). I've been running a Play-by-Email campaign for more than four years now, and while the game is extremely enjoyable, it's fallen upon hard times in the last year because some of the players have had to drop out for one reason or another, leaving us without a decent number of people. I've recently been trying to advertise (the cut message below is the most recent incarnation of the ads going out), and have now put out the invitation to five different large communities, available to maybe 2500 people, and so far, after more than a week, I've gotten no responses. Not one. Am I doing something wrong? Looking at several 'how to set up a PBEM campaign, I'm told you'll have to beat people off with a stick when after these ads out! It's getting frustrating, that after all the work I've put into this, and after seeing how positive a reaction players have to it when they actually try it (those that play it refuse to move back to traditional format, which I think is a ringing endorsement), there's no one out there that's willing to give it a shot. Bah.

This campaign has followed the two original characters, Thail Grimrose and Agnar deBride, from their humble beginnings as stonemason and doctor in the Norse village of Canmore, to their current struggles as owners of a partially built Temple of Hel (formerly a keep) during an escalating border war. They're looking to carve out a place they can call home, but are only now finding out that this ancient fortress isn't the sanctuary they were hoping it would be...

This campaign has been in existence for about six years now, starting out as a standard face-to-face format and after a year transforming into a strictly PBEM format. We follow our own style of play; all die-rolling is performed by the DM, for example, which minimizes the correspondence and speeds up the game (turns generally happen on a daily basis). New players are always welcome after the appropriate probationary period--we want to make sure not only that you'd fit in with the group, but also that this type of campaign is really what you're looking for.

While the title of this listing describes the campaign as having an undead-slaying theme, the game is far from being limited to this single aspect. While Ravenloft is adequately represented, at times the story can take on a Dungeon Crawl, Birthright or even Planescape theme as well. The world (a semi-original creation, with patchworks of Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms sewn in) is expansive, spanning multiple continents and several distinct historical cultures. While the party is Norse by birth, they've encountered Greek, Roman, Lapp and Celtic cultures as well, and there are provisions for Near and Far East, Egyptian, Sumerian and Maztica cultures as well. There are more than one hundred full-scale adventures to be found within this world, and the choice of which ones undertaken is entirely up to the players (and, of course, fate).

Ideal candidates for the group would be intelligent, mature individuals who understand that a quality campaign doesn't necessarily mean high fantasy. We prefer content over flash, role playing over hack and slash (although there's plenty of the latter to sate the bloodthirsty among you) and hope to develop multi-dimensional characters rather than cookie-cutter stereotypes. While the rules we play by are mostly 2nd edition (with a healthy helping of 1st edition and house rules thrown in where they're needed), a knowledge of these rules is not at all critical; what's more important to us is enthusiasm for the game as a whole. Players new to the game as a whole are most definitely welcome, and in fact are encouraged, as many of the adventures undertaken come from modules which experienced players may already have seen. We generally write on a daily basis, so candidates should be able to interact with this frequency under normal circumstances, or inform the rest of the group of absences ahead of time.

Campaign Specifics:

Character Levels: Existing Characters are levels 8-10, new players
will start at 1st level, but considerations are given for this 'disadvantage'. I feel it's important to start from scratch so that both the player and the party can get a feel for the character, and so this is an inflexible house rule.

Race Requirements: Generally human (this being low fantasy, such races
are introduced sparingly), but elves, half elves, half orcs and
dwarves are acceptable alternatives. Further flexibility is also possible.

Class Restrictions: None (we're using 2nd edition rules here for class

Alignment Restrictions: I'm very loose with alignment, as I find it
restricts character development. The general tenor of the campaign is
non-evil, however.

Religious Restrictions: While the original characters are of the Norse
faith, they've traveled to areas populated by Greco-Roman and Celtic
cultures as well. Either of these alternatives are suitable.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions and/or would like to
apply. Thanks!
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