James (namelessnobody) wrote,

Crazy from the heat

I've been out of commission for the last few weeks for two reasons: First, a string of stressful events have taken up pretty much all of my free time (committee meeting last Tuesday, a poster presentation last night, and another presentation next Monday), and second, the heat. I've never been able to handle heat very well, and it's been positively miserable in this part of the world since mid to late June. Every morning I'd come in to school, a twenty-five minute walk from home, and well before the worst of it, and I'd be drenched in sweat. Clothes soaked through, sometimes dizzy from the loss of fluids, and dreading the end of the day when I'd have to head back home again. Honestly, on the worst days the air quality got so bad it felt as though I was breathing through a spare tire, and I haven't had two nights of decent sleep in a row for more than a month now. It irks me that we're not allowed to have air conditioning here without a doctor's note (and if you do, they'll charge you $150 a month plus utilities to have it). I feel as though I've lost the entire last month, and it could be easily fixed easily and without extra cost to the university (if they charge extra for the electricity consumption), but it's policy, and policy is much more important than the comfort and well-being of the students.

Anyway, sorry for the rant but I haven't been able to think straight for some time now. Once this next presentation's out of the way I'll be around more often regardless of the heat. Hope everyone's doing well!
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